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Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Group

The Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Group is part of the Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. It encompasses three research teams that use fundamental chemical and isotopic techniques to understand natural processes on a range of temporal and spatial scales, including the formation of the Solar System and its planets and the evolution of the ocean chemistry and the weathering processes on Earth.

Formation of the Solar System and the planets

This team, led by Prof. Maria Schönbächler, investigates the origin and the evolution of our Solar System and its planets with particular focus on, in particular our planet Earth. This includes the formation of the Moon, the Earth’s core and the first continents.

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Geochemical evolution of the Earth’s surface

The Earth’s surface geochemistry team, led by Prof. Derek Vance, pursues dynamic research programs that focus on the characterization of the processes involved in the evolution of the Earth’s surface, its environment, climate and biosphere.

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Noble gas cosmo- and geochemistry

This group, led by Dr. Henner Busemann, studies processes ranging from stellar nucleosynthesis and the chemistry of the interstellar medium to planet formation, cometary volatile delivery, transport of meteorites, chronology and landscape evolution, using the specific properties of noble gases.

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The mighty Southern Ocean microbe that controls ocean chemistry

A new study led by scientists in the Earth Surface Geochemistry group at ETH Zürich, and just published in Nature Geoscience , shows that a single-celled algal organism in the Southern Ocean controls ocean trace metal chemistry. Read more 


Scientists from the Surface Earth Geochemistry group at ETH participate in the Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition

PhD student Matthias Sieber, and post-doctoral researchers Greg de Souza and Nolwenn Lemaitre are braving the rough seas of the Southern Ocean to take part in a remarkable expedition to study the environment of the Southern Ocean, the sea surrounding Antarctica. Read more 


6 April 2017, Seminar

GeoPetro seminar - U-Pb ages of chondrules and implications for the evolution of the protoplanetary disk

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13 April 2017, Seminar

GeoPetro seminar - TBA

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4 May 2017, Seminar

GeoPetro seminar - Dogma vs discovery in resource geology: Examples from porphyry Cu-Au systems

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11 May 2017, Seminar

GeoPetro seminar - TBA

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